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Skrillex and Bonobo Perform Rare B2B at Printworks London

Posted October 25, 2019

Author: Nick Curvin

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For being such a monumental, powerhouse solo act, Sonny Moore sure is a collaborative artist beyond what first comes to mind when you think of Skrillex.  Many know of his origins as lead vocalist in From First To Last, and even more may know of the limited edition Duo, Jack U, with co-superstar Diplo or his Dog Blood collab with Boyz Noise. It seems as though the dubstep master has worked with everybody in the industry. His most recent duo performance, taking place in the dim dance halls of London’s own, Printworks was a rare B2B with Bonobo that rocked the house and left the twitter page shook after the event.

A titanic meeting of two of electronic music’s most decisive and individual entities, a surprise back to back from @si_bonobo and @Skrillex was one of the most unique happenings the Press Halls has ever seen.

— Printworks London (@Printworks_LDN) October 13, 2019

Skrillex b2b Bonobo at Printworks, London

Sure, this isn’t a formal collaboration or anything like the projects mentioned earlier, but did you notice anything about the clip above?  We see Skrillex at the wheel at a much different tempo and genre than we are used to hearing him drop. Could this mean the one-night B2B might have an impact on the kind of sound/style that Skrillex brings back to the desert this New Years’ Eve for Decadence? You’ll have to be there to find out! See the full lineup and get tickets for Decadence AZ here.

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