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Galantis and Dolly Parton Team Up with Mr. Probz on ‘Faith’

Posted November 12, 2019

Author: Sam Khalil

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The world-renown country singer Dolly Parton (yes, you heard that right), and Swedish dance duo Galantis along with Dutch rapper Mr. Probz have formulated an extravagant remake of the 1987 hit song “Faith,” originally produced by John Hiatt.

Parton was able to transform what once was a piano serenade into bombastic beats and harmonic rhythm.  The track sets a euphoric undertone and is characterized by being rather joyous, given the fact that the lyrics are empowering and inspiring. “When all the fears you hide, are all you can believe, I’ll be standing by your side, Just have a little faith in me.” Parton’s graceful vocals provide a sense of peace and resonate with listeners worldwide. This jingle will truly soar throughout dance floors, and the decision to team up with Dolly Parton has only exacerbated the positive mission that Galantis striving to achieve through their musical intonations.

Galantis & Dolly Parton – Faith feat. Mr. Probz [Official Music Video]

This upbeat tune makes it difficult to not get up and engage in the heart pumping, hand-clapping special atmosphere that is provoked throughout the course of the song. To sum it up, this team has been able to conceive an infectious track and we, as listeners, can only have a little bit of FAITH that there will be more unique collabs from Galantis and Parton in the future. Galantis makes their way to Decadence Arizona to make way for the 2020 New Year! If you haven’t grabbed your tickets yet, purchase both two days and single-day tickets here.

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