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Dabin and Jason Ross Collab on ‘One That Got Away’

Posted November 19, 2019

Author: Alexandra Myers

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It’s time to slow down and get into the feels for a second as another emotively charged future bass anthem just hit the scene. And this one’s a doozy. DabinJason Ross, and Dylan Matthew team up on “One That Got Away” to tug at our heartstrings as we fall into a reminiscent daze of past lovers. This wistful and creamy track puts us all in a delicate state as it maintains a steady flow of raw synths and Dylan Matthew’s rich vocals. This trifecta was bound to happen as Dabin, Ross, and Matthew can have us all feel the weight of living together as if to remind us we’re never alone no matter the circumstance. This future bass sound of sheer emotion truly rips through you in the most beautiful way. Out now on Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records, check it out below.

Since Jason Ross emerged on a collab with Seven Lions, we’ve all been breathless after each production. His recent success has seen him grace the stages of Tomorrowland, EDC, Red Rocks and more as he releases “sad boi anthems” for all the feel-good EDM lovers out there, including the recent track “When The Night Falls” with Fiora. This track with Dabin serves as the second single to his upcoming debut album 1000 Faces.

As for Dabin, this track further amps us up for his upcoming performance with Said the Sky this New Year. Full of delicate guitar melodies and dramatic bass lines, Dab the Sky is taking over the world one shed tear at a time. After releasing “Superstar” in 2018 and their unexpected b2b at Madison Square Garden birthing “Hero,” their partnership was written in the stars. Fans are buzzing over each individual and collaborative piece, so be sure to grab tickets to Decadence AZ on December 30th and 31st to catch them live. Click here for tickets.

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