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Why Tchami x Malaa’s No Redemption Set is a Decadence Must See

Posted November 26, 2019

Author: Calvin Witmer Jr.

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New Years is coming up quick, and hopefully by now, you’ve started thinking about your plans to celebrate the occasion! Decadence Arizona returns for another two full days of fun to help you close out 2019 in radiance and start 2020 off right with some of the most talented and ground-breaking sounds in EDM. Amongst the rides, memories, and dancing all night long, Decadence boasts a killer lineup that is sure to deck your halls and leave you jolly.

With highly-anticipated sets such as Illenium‘s Ascend Live and the world debut of GrizTronics (Griz x Subtronics), there are definite must-sees coming around for this frosty fest. However, one set in particular needs your attention. Whether you’ve vibed with Malaa‘s deep, intense, and rebellious sounds or Tchami‘s artful, groovy, and upbeat tracks, both artists have enough house music to get you dancing until the sun comes up. So what happens when you put them together? Absolutely beautiful destruction. Their collaborative set, No Redemption, is the perfect blend of dark and light that maximizes the incredible talent of both electronic artists and seems to tell a story through relentless house music that will have you locked into the set from start to finish.

The set has been played at hit festivals like EDC Las Vegas and Ultra, so you can imagine the excitement surrounding the performance making its way to Decadence Arizona. With Tchami’s DJ persona often being a priest and his record label being Confession, he is the perfect match for his trouble-making, mask-wearing counterpart Malaa who brings an infectious, darker vibe to the music that transforms and melts together seamlessly with Tchami’s mixing.

This set simply cannot be passed up. Not only is the music going to be amazing and the production off the charts, but watching these two interact and play off each other’s energy onstage is definitely something to behold.

Haven’t purchased your ticket yet? See more info, view the full lineup, and get tickets for Decadence Arizona here! There will be no redemption if you miss out on this crazy experience! See you there!

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