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Marauda Releases New EP, ‘Crown of Torment’

Posted November 21, 2023

Australian based producer, Marauda, continues to provide dark and menacing productions. His new EP, Crown of Torment, features three new tracks: “Beast of Lies”, “Untouched By Comfort”, and “Portal To Sin”. These tracks are sure to have you head-banging and making the nastiest bass face. The title itself, Crown of Torment, suggests a narrative of adversity and struggle, a theme that Marauda often explores through his sonic architecture.

The first track, “Beast of Lies”, sets the tone for the rest and has a sound that is as ominous as it is powerful. This track features a relentless barrage of heavy bass, distorted synths, and intricate rhythmic patterns. The second drop only goes to further state Marauda as being one of the greats when it comes to thrash step. “Untouched By Comfort” evokes a sense of foreboding and intensity, with meticulously crafted drops and glitch sounds that create a driving beat. For all the riddim lovers, this track is for you.
Finally, “Portal To Sin” is sure to take listeners to an otherworldly realm. This standout track is impossible to listen to without head-banging and will be sure to get a crowd moving.

Marauda’s Crown of Torment is a journey into the shadows and an exploration of the artist’s dark palette. It is a haunting and immersive addition to the ever-expanding landscape of bass music. This EP does nothing but further solidify Marauda’s position as a frontrunner in the darker and more aggressive corner of electronic music. Be sure to not miss your chance to see Marauda at Decadence Arizona: The Sky Realm on December 30-31st. Get your passes here!

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